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E-Paper Displays Report

E-Paper Displays Report

Market assessment, e-paper displays
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Is e-paper ready for wider circulation?

This report is an in-depth resource of the full e-paper displays market, including e-newspapers, e-books, mobile, wearable categories and more. As compared to competitive reports, clients get coverage of more applications, more technologies and more companies in our 2009 E-Paper
Displays Report. Highlights include
  • Analysis of key market opportunities for industry participants, including key business strategies
  • The leading suppliers, manufacturers and brands with a full market analysis and over 140 e-paper related company profiles
  • Annual revenue and unit forecasts from 2008 to 2018 based on when we anticipate new e-paper advancements will hit the market
  • Coverage of all major e-paper technologies including electrophoretic, electrochromic, bi-stable LCD, MEMs, electrowetting and more
  • Discussion of potential business strategies and market entry opportunities

The e-paper market is thriving, even in this tepid economy. Bolstered by the success of e-readers such as the Kindle, the $100M e-paper market is expected to reach $9B by 2018. In addition to being energy efficient and easy to read, this versatile technology will soon feature color, touch screens and flexible displays and appear on everything from shelf labels to clothing. Contact us for more information.


Shoko Oi
Deputy Director, Touch Panel and Emerging Display Research

Touch panel and emerging display research expert specializing in trends and forecasts.

Detailed Information

Data Covered
  • Worldwide e-paper market analysis
  • Annual revenue and unit forecasts from 2009 to 2018
  • Market breakdown by size in categories ranging from under 3” to above 20”
  • Market breakdown by application category including e-newspaper/e-magazine, clothes/wearable, e-book/textbook/pad, cards with display, ESL, POP/public signage/advertising, mobile phones, removable storage devices and more
  • Coverage of all major e-paper technologies including electrophoretic, electrochromic, bi-stable, LCD, MEMs, electrowetting and more
  • Profiles of over 140 e-paper related companies
Key Questions Answered
  • How large will the e-paper displays market be?
  • What will be the key applications?
  • Which applications are likely to adopt e-paper displays in the near future?
  • Who are the key suppliers?
  • How will electronic paper affect other emerging technologies?


  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology and E-Paper Display definition
  • Introduction
  • E-Paper Display Technologies
    • Electrophoretic display, Electrochromic display, Bi-stable LCD, MEMS display, Electrowetting display and Other technologies
  • Substrates for E-Paper Displays
    • Flexible substrates and Rigid
  • Electrode for E-Paper Displays
    • ITO and ITO replacement
  • Active Matrix Backplanes
    • Different types TFT and Assessment and comparison
  • Manufacturing Methods
    • Batch process, Roll-to-roll process, Printing methods and Key manufacturing challenges
  • Color E-Paper Display
  • Auxiliaries Technologies
    • Touch screen brief introduction and Touch screen recommendation for e-paper display
  • Market Analysis and Forecast
    • E-paper products and specifications
    • Shipments and revenues by application
      • E-newspaper/e-magazine
      • E-book/textbook/pad
      • Clothes/wearable
      • Cards with display
      • ESL
      • POP/public signage/advertisement
      • Mobile Phone
      • Removable storage devices
      • Other applications
    • Shipments and revenues by display technology
      • Electrophoretic
      • Electrochromic
      • Bi-stable LCD
      • MEMs
      • Electrowetting
    • Shipment and revenue by form factor: flexible vs. rigid and Area by substrate type
  • Market Summary
  • Excel database with
    • > 140 e-paper related company profiles and Market forecast for units, ASP and revenues by application, technology and size

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