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Global TV Replacement Research

Global TV Replacement Research

Consumer trends for TV replacement
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Understand consumer motivations and trends for replacing TVs

DisplaySearch was acquired by IHS in 2014. The combined data and analysis from DisplaySearch and IHS has now been integrated into enhanced product offerings. The most up-to-date description of this product is available on the IHS Technology website.

The Global TV Replacement Study is an essential reference for TV and multimedia content companies. The study is packed with valuable analysis of why consumers replace their TVs, how often, which features are most compelling, content consumption habits, and much more. Use this report to

  • Get answers to key business questions on how consumers are making TV purchase decisions
  • Understand consumer content consumption behavior and trends
  • Track TV replacement trends by region
  • Understand the value of features in replacement decisions
  • Identify target markets that are replacing and adding the most TVs and why


Hisakazu ToriiHisakazu Torii
Vice President, TV Market Research

Focused on the TV market, covering all Japanese TV brands across Asia Pacific.

Detailed Information

Data Covered

  • Surveys of over 14,000 TV owners from 14 regions: Brazil, China–Urban, China–Rural, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, UK, USA
  • Profiles of current home TV ownership with breakouts of recent and planned replacements or additions, by CRT vs. FPD, brand, size, and location
  • Breakouts of devices other than TV that consumers are using to watch content, such as tablets, notebooks, and more

Key Questions Answered

  • How quickly are consumers replacing their TVs? Are replacement cycles getting shorter?
  • How many additional TV purchases can be expected in the next 12 months?
  • How are local TV replacement trends impacting the supply chain?
  • What other devices are people using to watch TV content?
  • What is the value of new features in replacement decisions?

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