Solid OLED Manufacturing Guidance

There are many manufacturing barriers that come with OLED production. Until now, because of technical challenges, TV manufacturers could not establish a standard manufacturing OLED technology. However, the AMOLED dedicated TFT capacity is forecast to grow at a much higher rate than LCD in the coming years. Panel makers have challenging plans to both increase panel performance and lower costs.

The AMOLED Process Roadmap report provides a comprehensive summary and analysis of OLED material, manufacturing and equipment technologies. Coverage includes

  • OLED market trends by supplier share, application and demand
  • OLED manufacturing technology trends
  • Key specification purpose of the manufacturing technologies
  • OLED cost modeling and panel makers’ status
  • 55” OLED TV cost modeling : RGB, WOLED
  • Benefits, opportunities, negatives and challenges for each OLED technology
  • Flexible OLED technology research
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