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LED Technology and Process Trend Report

LED Technology and Process Trend Report

A complete view of the LED industry
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The LED Industry: Innovations, processes, technologies, trends and penetration

This report analyzes the entire LED industry from sub-materials analyses to trends in backlight units and general lighting. It provides forecasts for LED penetration, manufacturing processes and equipment technology, LED applications, product roadmaps, supply chain relationships and more. Use this report to

  • Identify current and future technologies to optimize designs for product applications and specifications: Ingot, Sapphire substrate, phosphor, lead frame and more
  • Gain insight into LED penetration with forecasts out to 2017
  • Identify opportunities to lower costs with the right process and technology combinations
  • Track competitive product roadmaps, positioning and strategies


Steven Sher

Has in-depth knowledge of LED chip, package, application field and backlights and lighting.

Detailed Information

Data Covered
  • LED penetration forecast for large area TFT-LCD out to 2017
  • LED technology trends by maker out to 2012: notebook PC, LCD monitor, LCD TV, lighting and automotive
  • LED basics: usage, structures and product categories
  • Process trends: chip and package design
  • LED manufacturing analysis: front and back end processes, MOCVD market overview, equipment comparisons and installation plans, bin mixing programs and automatic inspection equipment
  • LED-related materials and driver ICs analysis: Ingot and sapphire substrate, phosphor and lead frame technologies and thermal solutions
  • LED industry outlook: companies, patent license network, supply chain relationships and strategies by country
  • Product and technology roadmaps by maker
  • LED backlights applications: supply chain for large area and small/medium TFT-LCDs, panel roadmap update, large area cost analysis, and technology trends
  • General lighting application analysis: indoor and outdoor
Key Questions Answered
  • What will be the advancements in LED manufacturing?
  • What are the technology trends by maker for notebook PC, LCD monitor, LCD TV, lighting and automotive?
  • How will low-cost technologies such as COB (Chip on Board) and WLP (Wafer Level Package) impact LED makers in 2011?
  • How will LED penetration grow in the coming years?
  • What are the key players doing in LED?
  • What new trends will drive LED in the next several years?


  • LED basics
  • LED manufacturing technology
  • LED related materials and LED driver ICs
  • LED industry outlook
  • LED product roadmap and technology roadmap by maker
  • LED for LCD backlight application
  • LED for general lighting application
  • LED for automotive application

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