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MarketWise - LCD Industry Dynamics

MarketWise - LCD Industry Dynamics

Large-area LCD status check
Frequency: Monthly
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Gain monthly insight into the entire large-area LCD supply chain.

DisplaySearch was acquired by IHS in 2014. The combined data and analysis from DisplaySearch and IHS has now been integrated into enhanced product offerings. The most up-to-date description of this product is available on the IHS Technology website.

This monthly report delivers concise, relevant information for decision-makers who need to quickly understand the entire large-area TFT LCD supply chain. Presented in a dashboard format, this report highlights the status of every aspect of the supply chain, from components to the end-market. Keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of panels, brands, capacity, production, prices and more.

Use this report to

  • Gain monthly strategic insight to support important product planning and procurement decisions
  • Save valuable research time by receiving a monthly prepared summary of the TFT LCD market
  • Keep an eye on the competition and understand current customer buying trends

Recent Findings


Deborah YangDeborah Yang
Research Director, Monitor & TV

A specialist in analyzing value chains for TVs and LCD monitors.

David HsiehDavid Hsieh
Taiwan, China
Vice President, Greater China Market

A noted expert in TFT LCD and LCD TV research and analysis throughout Asia.

Detailed Information

Data Covered

  • Large-area TFT LCD panel supply chain weather forecasts (rainy, cloudy, or sunny) for the next three months for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV markets
  • Three month supply and demand outlook of key LCD components, including glass, color filter, polarizer, LED, LGP
  • Three month panel shipment projections by OEM, brand and application (notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV)
  • Panel maker inventory and panel price index for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV
  • Top 5 customers on a monthly basis in panel makers’ value chain
  • TFT LCD fab capacity loading rates in Gen 5, Gen 5.5, Gen 6, Gen 7, Gen 8, and Gen 10 by maker and fab
  • OEM production and forecasts for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV
  • Three month brand production forecast for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV
  • Brand supply chain inventory index for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV
  • End-market promotional status in major regions (North America, Europe, and China) for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV
  • Sell-through index in major regions (North America, Europe, and China) for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV
  • China market highlights for notebook, LCD monitor, and LCD TV

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the TFT LCD supply chain status and outlook for the next three months?
  • What is the current capacity forecast for panels and components?
  • How will inventory flow through the supply chain?
  • What are current production and shipment trends and forecasts for large-area panels, brands, and OEMs?

Delivery Schedule

By the 28th of each month

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