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OLED Technology Report

OLED Technology Report

Market assessment, OLED displays and lighting
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OLEDs: From manufacturing to the marketplace

This report is a comprehensive guide to manufacturing, market opportunities and technology for OLED displays and lighting. Our industry experts provide a thorough assessment of OLED technology from many viewpoints:
  • Market forecasts for OLED displays, OLED lighting and OLED materials
  • In depth profiles of OLED materials, bill of materials and forecasted demand
  • Opportunities and challenges of various manufacturing processes
  • Regional highlights and activities
  • Analysis of additional opportunities in OLED displays such touch, 3D, flexible and more
With this in-depth analysis, companies will be able to:
  • Understand OLED opportunities with demand forecasts for displays and lighting
  • Develop strategies for market growth and market entry with the comprehensive, end-to-end guide of the OLED industry and OLED manufacturing process.
  • Learn about new OLED manufacturing processes to save cost and improve efficiency


    Jimmy Kim
    Senior Analyst, Display Materials and LED

    Focused on display materials and LED analysis.

    Detailed Information

    Data Covered
    • Forecasts from 2011 to 2018 of display and lighting shipments, and market demand
    • Worldwide market history data from 1999 to 2010
    • OLED display shipments, revenue, area, and ASPs
    • Regional activity coverage: Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, US, Europe, and rest of world
    • 100+ companies and universities related to OLED display and lighting
    • OLED history, technology development, comparisons with LCDs, material positioning, and IP
    • OLED operations: diode structure, creation of light, alternative structures, and display packaging
    • Display performance: sunlight readability, touch screen, 3D display, and flexible and transparent OLED
    • Display applications: small/medium PMOLED displays, small/medium AMOLED displays, TV, tablet, and micro-displays
    • Lighting applications: general lighting, automobile lighting, and backlights for LCD displays
    • Materials development: fluorescent small molecule material, phosphorescent small molecules, polymer materials, dendrimers, electrodes, enhanced extraction efficiency, substrates, and sealants and desiccants
    • Drive electronics: segmented displays, passive matrix drive, active matrix backplanes(LTPS, Oxide TFT, a-Si TFT, and organic TFT), inverted AMOLED designs, gray scale control, and motion anomalies
    • Manufacturing: passive matrix process flow, LTPS TFT processes, surface preparation, electrode formation, deposition of small molecule organic material, polymer deposition, encapsulation, and factory design
    • Capacity and cost analysis
    Key Questions Answered
    • What are the technology obstacles of OLED?
    • What are the opportunities in the OLED industry for other companies?
    • Who are the companies that are planning to enter the OLED industry?
    • How will OLEDs impact applications markets?
    • How will OLED investments pay off for industry participants and when?
    • How will the technology change in terms of efficiency, external out-coupling and manufacturing?
    • How will OLEDs overcome size hurdles?
    • What will be the next major OLED technology breakthrough?
    • How will AMOLED TFT backplane evolve?
    • What alternative backplane architectures will evolve?
    • How will current and planned fab capacity impact supply and pricing, and which materials suppliers will experience the greatest benefit?
    • What are the key OLED industry players doing?


    • OLED Structure and Mechanism
    • OLED Display Applications and Market orecast
    • Shipments, Revenue, Area, and ASPs
    • Lighting Applications
    • Materials Development
    • Drive Electronics
    • Manufacturing
    • Capacity Analysis
    • Cost Analysis: AMOLED vs. a Si and LTPS TFT LCDs

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