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Quarterly FPD Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report

Quarterly FPD Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report

Fab utilizations and investments
Frequency: Quarterly
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Stay on top of fab utilization and investments.

This report provides an in-depth look at the capacity, production and capital spending for the entire FPD supply chain. With quarterly coverage of over 150 industry participants, this report delivers the most current and complete view of fab activity. Highlights include

  • Equipment spending scenario analysis by glass size, technology, region and manufacturer
  • Fab activity and impact of recent events for TFT LCD array, color filter, PDPs, OLEDs and more
  • Capacity analysis for all FPD technology
  • TFT LCD demand forecasts, capacity conversion analysis and market segmentation
  • Panel maker CapEx, fundraising activities and financials
  • Margin forecasts and a summary of quarterly financial conference calls
  • Quarterly databases with historic results and five-year spending forecasts for all major array tools by units and revenues

This report helps professionals across the supply chain

  • Deeply analyze supply chain trends starting at the individual fab level
  • Check panelization numbers and capacity availability for a given panel maker
  • Compare and contrast key supply/demand issues across the industry in one place
  • Perform competitive and industry benchmarking
  • Monitor key supply/demand metrics on a quarterly basis to evaluate opportunities and risks

An Informed View
Charles Annis, VP of Manufacturing Research, has strong relationships with his vast network of leading supply chain companies across the globe. He creates this quarterly report through numerous regular interviews throughout the industry. This constant contact and interaction enables him to provide accurate information and analyze future trends. With transparent, tested methodologies, Mr. Annis’ goal with this report is to review key industry metrics, analyze how they change over time and authoritatively project the impact of those changes.


Charles Annis
Vice President, Manufacturing Research

Tracks and forecasts FPD investments, analyzing emerging technologies and PV research.

Jae-Hak Choi
Senior Analyst, FPD Manufacturing

An expert in flat panel display equipment and manufacturing technology.

Detailed Information

Data Covered

  • Data periods
    • Data period is rolling 13 quarters: one historical, current and 11 future
    • Annual coverage periods are 2000–2013, with some up to 2014
  • Industry coverage of over 150 industry participants
    • 30 TFT LCD makers including AUO, Epson, LG Display, Mitsubishi, Sony and Wintek
    • 25+ color filter makers including AUO, Canon, Hitachi, LG Display and TPO
    • 35 LCD module makers such as Casio, Hisense, Konka, PrimeView and Sharp
    • 9 PDP makers such as Changhong, Hitachi, Orion, Samsung SDI and more
    • 15+ AMOLED makers such as AUO, CPT, Kyocera, Sharp, TPO and more
    • 32+ PMOLED makers such as Add-Vision, Delta Opto, Fuji Electric, Hyundai LCD, SMD and more
  • TFT LCD fab utilization: substrates and square meters, per month by fab, maker, size and region
  • Equipment forecasts of LCD array, color filter cell and modules, and PDP spending totals
  • TFT LCD array tool forecasts for units, revenue, ASP and percentage of array total
  • TFT LCD financial analyses of CapEx, fundraising activities, debt to equity and liability to equity
  • Analysis of profit margin by maker, modeled margin forecast and summaries
  • Capacity scenario analyses and long range forecasts for panel demand
  • Data tables covering TFT array and PDP capacity (substrates and m²), supply vs. demand, equipment revenues, region, manufacturer and more

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the current and forecasted capacity for specific companies and regions?
  • How is capacity and supply impacting pricing, investments and spending?
  • What are the fab utilization trends for specific makers, and how will this impact investment plans?
  • What quantities and which tools will be purchased throughout the forecast period?

Quarterly Delivery Schedule

Excel Data Tables – Week 15
PowerPoint Report – Week 16


  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Fab Activity
    • LCD Array, Cell & Module, including TFT LCD News & Information Analysis
    • Color Filter, PDP, OLED
  • TFT LCD Supply Analysis
    • Input and Realistic Capacity
  • TFT LCD Supply/Demand Analysis
  • Fab Utilization
  • TFT LCD Equipment Spending
    • Methodology and Forecast
  • TFT Capital Expenditures & Financing
  • Quarterly Financial and Investors Conference Summaries
  • Number of New TFT LCD Fabs Analysis

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