Large-Area TFT LCD Cost Research

Large-Area TFT LCD Cost Research

Quarterly large-area TFT LCD panel cost model
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Simulate costs for large-area TFT LCD panels

DisplaySearch was acquired by IHS in 2014. The combined data and analysis from DisplaySearch and IHS has now been integrated into enhanced product offerings. The most up-to-date description of this product is available on the IHS Technology website.

The Quarterly Large-Area TFT LCD Cost Model includes a cost simulator that enables clients to calculate costs, profits, and margins for large-area (+10”) panels. The database is pre-loaded with history and forecasts for large-area panel prices and major component, materials and labor costs. Clients can easily adjust these cost or price parameters to model their business needs and help them analyze the impact of different cost and profit scenarios. The report also provides insights into the latest industry and technology trends. With this research, clients can

  • Find out which substrate sizes are most profitable
  • Have accurate cost forecasts for panel price negotiations
  • Save valuable time when creating cost scenarios and researching future costs
  • Understand how individual components contribute to total panel cost
  • Stay on top of market developments and trends

Recent Findings


Yoshio TamuraYoshio Tamura
Research Fellow and Senior Vice President

Known for his keen insight and excellent relationships with panel and component suppliers.

Detailed Information

Data Covered

  • Interactive Excel-based cost models for panel sizes from 10.1” to 65”
  • Breakouts of 60Hz, 120Hz and 240 Hz
  • Parameters including MP start timing, glass size, module, application, tier, ODF, CF purchase, shift, interest, SF&A, depreciation method, and more
  • Over five years of quarterly historical data
  • Rolling four year quarterly forecast

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the cost of materials for a particular panel size?
  • Which substrate sizes are most profitable for each panel size?
  • How will depreciation affect my margin?
  • How can I adjust my mix to become more profitable?
  • Should I produce or purchase color filters?

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