Quarterly LED & CCFL Backlight Cost Report

Quarterly LED & CCFL Backlight Cost Report

Cost report, LED and CCFL backlights
Frequency: Quarterly
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Predict costs and maximize your margins.

The backlight unit (BLU) represents one of the highest costs within the TFT LCD components and materials market. Both suppliers and manufacturers are aggressively pursuing cost reductions of backlight units. Clients use this cost report to track historical and forecasted costs and pricing in every size screen for every application, including the backlight unit. Based on actual costs, clients can track trends in material costs, optical film costs, bezel and frame costs or overhead costs.

Knowing where these costs are going and what each company should be paying on a quarterly basis for LED and CCFL backlight units yields tremendous negotiating power for both purchasers and suppliers of BLUs. It takes the guesswork out of pricing negotiations and makes business decisions easier by having a complete cost picture of every panel down to each component.

Our global team of analysts interviews both the buyer and seller throughout the supply chain to develop an accurate bill of materials for each module tracked. With this reliable understanding of cost structures, our clients improve their price negotiations as well as understand where cost and price trends are going.


Jimmy Kim
Senior Analyst, Display Materials and LED

Focused on display materials and LED analysis.

Detailed Information

Data Covered

  • Excel data base for panel sizes from 10.1” through 65” resulting in over 80 individual analyses with detailed cost information on each combination of screen size, resolution, application and backlight type
  • The excel DB includes the following variables: LED#/CCFL#, LED/CCFL Unit Price, LED/CCFL Assembly, Light Guide Plate, Diffusion Board, Top Diffuser, Bottom Diffusers, Upper Prism Film, Lower Prism Film (BEF), DBEF, Bezel and Frame, Other Materials, Amortization (Labor, SG&A and Package Costs), Sales Profit and Total Sales Cost
  • Covers quarterly data from historical costs back 4 quarters and forecasts 16 quarters
  • Summary sheet for the current quarter lets users quickly see in which sizes LEDs make sense based on cost differentials from CCFLs
  • Separate worksheet analysis with price reductions calculated in percentages by screen size, resolution, application and backlight type for previous year and next 4 years
  • Subtotals costs (in $USD) by materials costs, optical film costs, bezel & frame costs with total costs for materials and component, sales profit and final sales cost
  • Technologies included are: Direct type, Side type, CCFL, LED
  • Large area application (LCD TV, Notebook PC and LCD Monitor)

Key Questions Answered

  • How do LED backlight unit costs compare with CCFL in any size panel from 10.1” to 60”?
  • What are the projected cost trends for the major components, materials and labor needed to produce backlight units?
  • When will LEDs become affordable enough to compete with traditional CCFLs?
  • How will backlight unit costs contribute to total panel costs over the next five years?
  • What is the best price for LED and CCFLs components?
  • Where will cost reductions take place in the future?

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