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Quarterly TV Cost and Price Forecast Model

Quarterly TV Cost and Price Forecast Model

Simulate the impact of cost and price trends on margins
Frequency: Quarterly
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Estimate costs and improve margins

DisplaySearch was acquired by IHS in 2014. The combined data and analysis from DisplaySearch and IHS has now been integrated into enhanced product offerings. The most up-to-date description of this product is available on the IHS Technology website.

Gain a better understanding of cost and price trends to help improve profitability with the Quarterly TV Cost and Price Forecast Model. Pre-loaded with reliable data from over 100 retailers and brands, clients can use this interactive model to get historical and forecasted costs, pricing, and margins for 18.5” and larger TVs, by technology. The global  DisplaySearch analyst team interviews buyers and sellers first hand across the supply chain to provide an accurate bill of materials (BOM) for each component. Use this model to

  • Identify products with the highest and/or lowest margins
  • Discover cost and price trends
  • Improve price negotiations
  • Forecast based on your price and margin assumptions

Recent Findings


Paul GagnonPaul Gagnon
United States
Director, Global TV Research

Focused on TV market forecasting and analysis, as well as consulting and conferences.

Paul Gray
United Kingdom
Director of European Research

Expertise includes forecasting, investment and R&D decisions, and product strategy.

Detailed Information

Data Covered

  • Rolling four-year quarterly forecasts for panel prices, bill of materials, brand and retail margins, street prices and more
  • 2D, 3D active and 3D passive tracking
  • Cost, price and margin forecasts for all major sizes and resolutions for LCDs, PDPs, and OLED

Key Questions Answered

  • Where are prices and channel margins today by technology, size and resolution? How are they expected to change over the next 16 quarters?
  • Which technologies, sizes and resolutions are expected to have the fastest cost reductions over the next 16 quarters?
  • Which products have the highest margins today? Which products are expected to have the highest margins in the future?

Quarterly Delivery Schedule

Week 9: Full Historical and Forecast Data (Excel Tables)
Week 13: Full Historical and Forecast Analysis and Insights (PowerPoint)


  • Summary
  • Methodology
  • LCD TV cost and price forecasts
  • PDP TV cost and price forecasts
  • OLED TV cost and price forecasts
  • Summary of key screen sizes & comparisons

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