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These are exciting times for OLED technology. With recent demonstrations of OLED TVs by major manufacturers and its growing usage in mobile devices, many in the industry believe that the OLED display has finally arrived. Panel makers, however, continue to struggle with mass production of larger displays due to the absence of mature processes for creating the active matrix (that controls the display) or deposition of organic materials.

With a large global analyst team, DisplaySearch has been providing end-to-end coverage of the OLED industry for several years. Our reports examine the technology landscape, manufacturing processes, and market opportunities for OLED display and lighting applications. This includes detailed company profiles, materials analyses, market and manufacturing challenges, form factors (such as flexible displays), and robust data-based industry forecasts.

We provide detailed forecasts of the OLED market share for a variety of applications including mobile phones (main displays and sub-displays), digital picture frames, digital still cameras, portable media players, car audio, MP3 players, automotive consoles, near-eye applications, portable navigation devices, TVs, and more.

Recent reports in our OLED category:

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