Mid July Data
Revised 20 July 2015

PriceWise, a free semi-monthly pricing service, aggregates early self-reported market prices for a sub-set of A-grade LCD panels. Get a preliminary view into shifts in global panel pricing, demand, and purchasing. Updated twice a month, PriceWise covers pricing changes for 22 panel sizes across five major applications.

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PriceWise Mid July Data

The PriceWise spreadsheet includes current data and data for the past two months for five major applications: LCD monitors, notebook PCs, LCD TVs, mobile phones, and tablet PCs. Also, our analysts provide analysis explaining the current pricing environment, based on demand, supply, and business plans. Download the complete PriceWise spreadsheet using the link at the top of this page!

Analysis Highlight and Recent Prices by Size and Resolution for LCD TV Panels

Demand for 4K from the top global brands continues to increase, but TV makers have reported that overall demand is slowing. The top TV brands have cut demand since June and have cut their demand forecast for Q3 to better control inventories. Some TV makers are still hoping to drive strong shipments in 2H’15, but they are facing financial difficulties and asking for more price concessions or market development funds from panel suppliers. To drive greater cost savings on panels in 2H'15, TV makers with greater purchasing power are re-allocating panel purchasing from captive panel suppliers to multiple panel suppliers to negotiate better price deals. In July, there have been more special deals negotiated, not limited to 32" but for other larger sizes as well. Panel makers are making greater price concessions to some TV makers to secure volumes in Q3'15. As a result, the pressure on TV panel prices has become more pronounced in late July.

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