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DisplaySearch was acquired by IHS in 2014. The combined consulting, analyst, and data services have now been integrated to enhanced offerings. View our integrated solutions portfolio on the IHS Technology website.

Information is our currency: knowledge is how we make it more valuable.

Our clients are people and companies facing enormous pressures in today’s demanding marketplace. They ask us to help them navigate market and competitive complexities, explore extraordinary opportunities, improve competitiveness, manage and sustain growth, and maximize their profits.

Experienced problem solvers.

Consulting projects are designed to fit the client’s specific requirements. We have a long history of collaborating with clients on their specific challenges or needs. Our clients quickly learn that we listen to their objectives, and then try to develop the best, most cost effective approach. If we cannot do it, we can leverage our network of industry analysts and try to help the client find the right expertise. 

Usually, consulting services proposals follow this process:

  1. Your requirements are discussed and documented.
  2. Your needs are discussed internally with the appropriate industry analyst.
  3. We evaluate our robust data base and existing research to see if the analysis you need already exists fully or partially.
  4. We ensure that our team of analysts can provide or secure the appropriate expertise.
  5. We follow up with you on additional questions or suggestions.
  6. You receive a proposal that includes a description of the project and deliverables, as well as a cost breakdown and time frame.

Our clients look to us for projects of all sizes – from small custom reports to large market or technology assessments.

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