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TFT LCD Process Roadmap Report

TFT LCD Process Roadmap Report

Detailed roadmaps for 57 different manufacturing technologies
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Get unique analysis on manufacturing technologies

DisplaySearch was acquired by IHS in 2014. The combined data and analysis from DisplaySearch and IHS has now been integrated into enhanced product offerings. The most up-to-date description of this product is available on the IHS Technology website.

This unprecedented report covers 57 manufacturing technologies in the array, color filter, cell and module processes. This includes 29 process flows with 18 cross section drawings (including iPhone and iPad examples), 34 technology adoption forecasts and 11 tables showing status by maker. This report enables clients to
  • Map out how product specifications will evolve over the next 5 years and what manufacturing technologies will be used to meet those specifications
  • Develop product roadmaps that meet the requirements of the continuously changing industry with 37 benefits, opportunities, negatives and challenges analysis tables
  • Save time with industry wide manufacturing technology roadmaps and analysis

    Recent Findings


    Charles Annis
    Vice President, Manufacturing Research

    Tracks and forecasts FPD investments, analyzing emerging technologies and PV research.

    Detailed Information

    Data Covered

    • Analysis and summary of key findings that link panel specification development to manufacturing technologies
    • Panel specification roadmaps covering 2009 through 2018 for TVs, public information displays, monitors, notebook PCs, tablets and mobile phones
    • Detailed manufacturing technology roadmaps covering 2006 through 2018 for array, color filter, cell and module processes
    • An introduction to LCD manufacturing provides an overview to standard production techniques
    • The following are provided for each major manufacturing technology
      • Technology background discussion and other relevant information
      • Process flows, cross sections and other informative graphics
      • “Benefits, Opportunities, Negatives and Challenges” tables and analysis
      • Development and mass production status at each LCD maker
      • Adoption rate outlook and forecast to 2015

    Data Covered Continued

    • Technologies covered
      • Array Manufacturing
        • Array Patterning: Mask Reduction
        • Alternative Patterning: Introduction, direct write, small mask, ink-jet, high resolution, proximity
        • Glass Substrates: Size, thickness, thinning, costs, soda lime
        • High Mobility Backplanes
          • Microcrystalline Silicon (µc-Si)
          • IGZO: The Leading Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor (AOS) for FPD
          • LTPS
        • Metallization: Cu and transparent conductors
        • Pixel and Circuit Design
        • Integrated Drivers
        • Super High Aperture (SHA)
        • Other: Process temperature, organic TFTs, solution conductors/semiconductors, yield management
      • CF Manufacturing
        • Black Matrix Width Reduction
        • Color Filter Spacer Technologies: Column spacers, RGB stacking column spacers, BCS and OCCS, inkjet ball spacers, sub spacers
        • Color Filter On Array (COA)
        • Other: PenTile, RGBW, multi-primary, laser patterning
      • Cell Manufacturing
        • Liquid Crystal (LC): Conventional and novel modes
        • LC Alignment
        • Cell gap, in/on-cell touch
      • Module Manufacturing: Field Sequential (FSC), Super Narrow Bezel (SNB)
    • A 147-word glossary explains all technical aspects of terms and acronyms used in the report.


    • Introduction and Methodology
    • Analysis and Summary of Key Points
    • Panel Specification Roadmaps
    • Manufacturing Technology Roadmaps
    • Introduction to LCD Manufacturing
    • Array Manufacturing
    • CF Manufacturing

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